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Relaxing Beach Walks
There are 2 sandy beaches for swimming or relaxing and many miles of little roadways between the maize of stone walls as well as cliff walks.
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Cycling On The Island
There are bicycles for rent on the island if your visit is not long enough to walk all the tiny island roads.
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Nature Walks
Nature walks with an abundance of wild flowers,  miles of stone walls, tiny fields and gardens and stunning quietness.
Bird watching is also enjoyed by  visitors to our island. Over 100 species of birds can be spotted in the Aran Islands including some rare and unusual  sightings by bird watchers,  islanders and visitors.
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Loop Walks
There are 3 Loop Walks on Inis Meain, the walks are marked by different coloured arrows and direct you to an easy walk, a moderate walk or a longer walk, maps for the walks can be downloaded from discoverireland.ie and are available at An Dún.
The heart and soul of Ireland is in the west and Inis Meáin is the most unspoiled and tranquil location in western Europe.
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History on Inis Meáin
Harry Clarke's stain glass windows add to the silent and spiritual ambiance in the local church situated 200 meters from An Dún. The alter was built by Padraic Pearce's father and dates back to 1800's
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Oldest Pub on the Aran Islands
Oldest pub on the Aran Islands, Open daily. The Irish language is the spoken language and can be heard spoken by the locals and visitors in this one and only pub on the island.
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Ancient Stone Fort
This 4,000 year old stone fort is one of 2 on Inis Meain.  This fort is located on the highest point on the island and is just across the road from An Dún
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John Millington Synge’s Cottage
John Millington Synge’s cottage is located next door to An Dun and is open to visitors in the summer months.
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An Dún B&B
Inis Meáin
Aran Islands
Co. Galway
H91 WC61


+353 (0) 99 73047





+353 (0) 99 73047

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